Hi, I’m Kevin, a Research Scientist at Fundamental AI Research (FAIR) Accel at Meta (formerly Facebook). My research interests are primarily in deep learning, particularly computer vision, continual learning, federated learning, and adversarial attacks. Before Meta, I was at Duke University, where I completed my PhD while advised by Lawrence Carin. During my PhD, I interned at Google Cloud AI (2017), Infinia ML (2018), and Facebook (2019).

I co-taught a number of machine learning courses while at Duke, including the Duke Introduction to Machine Learning Coursera, four Duke Machine Learning Schools, and numerous +Data Science In-Person Learning Experiences. As part of these courses, I created a set of TensorFlow and PyTorch tutorials.

Before graduate school, I was also at Duke, earning my BSE in 2015 while double majoring in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. As an undergraduate, I was able to work on image processing with Guillermo Sapiro and brain-computer interfaces with Leslie Collins. Outside of research, I was a member of Sabrosura, Duke’s premier Latin dance troupe, and enjoyed playing Ultimate frisbee. I also enjoy mentoring: I’ve mentored and advised many students over the years through Engineering a Community, Engineering Alumni Council, and E-team.

Email: kevinjliang [at] meta [dot] com